Yep, that’s right. Australia has finally decided to jump on board the Canna train!

A long way from what the current Cannabis scene is like in the USA or Amsterdam, but a massive step in a positive direction – as Cannabis users all over Australia would agree. 

Recently, the Australian capital became the first state or territory to legalize the possession, use and cultivation of small amounts of Cannabis. 

The bill, with amendments, are set to come into effect on the 31st January 2020. 

So your not in the clear JUST yet…

But there’s just enough time to prepare for a new age, so here’s a few things you need to know about this new members bill; 

The newly passed laws allow patrons to possess up to 50 grams of dried Cannabis or 150 grams of wet Cannabis. They’ll be allowed to grow up to two plants per person or four plants per household. 

Cannabis cannot be consumed in public places or anywhere near children (atleast 20 metres). The material must also be stored in places inaccessible by children. 

The cultivation of cannabis must be done in your private residences or somewhere inaccessible by the public; growing the crop in public places is illegal as is hydroponic cultivation. 

Comes with a few rules, BUT should it? 

Although cannabis consumption is legal in the ACT users are still at risk of being arrested under Commonwealth laws. Similar to the (now abolished) early American Cannabis Law system. But one thing is for sure… America tested the clashing laws, and has recently decided otherwise. Should Australia make the nation wide decision now? Or wait until it’s inevitable?

So yeah, it’s not bulletproof (so to speak), but it’s definitely a start. Another small upside is the understanding and cooperation of the local law enforcement.

Unfortunately though, this does not stop someone being arrested and charged under Commonwealth laws.  

Police hierarchy intends to focus less on consumers of Cannabis and more on the organised crimes pushing larger amounts of the drug. A sigh of relief for pot smokers in the ACT. 

Furthermore; with this new bill to coming into effect at the end of January 2020, there is not intention or legal pathway to commercialising cannabis and establishing a market for the sale and purchasing of the plant. 

Labor MP Michael Patterson saw good worth in the act of eventually going down the path of commercializing. 

However with Commonwealth laws posing a big hurdle for any foreseeable progress with the new law; the bills main purpose was always to legalize Cannabis for personal use only. 

Exciting times ahead for all cannabis users in Australia. We can only hope that cannabis legalization laws continue to move forward. For more up to date news on everything Cannabis, keep an eye on our socials and engage in all of our posts.

Peace and love. 

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