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A reflection of the sky and spirituality of Cannabis. The Shed believes, above all, that Cannabis is here for the purpose of healing. The sticker we chose shows a colorful landscape within the leaf. We wanted the colors of the sky to represent all of the frequencies that become available to us when we choose to live a cannabis lifestyle (and this sticker we found was perfect). Because the Canna-world is so much more beautiful when it is embraced from body, to mind, to spirit.

Perfect for a place on your altar filled with herbs or in the rotation… also filled with herbs!

*PLEASE NOTE*: Each tray is hand poured, sanded and polished. While consistency is a top priority, there is only one tray identical to each product photo and should be used only as a reference for each design. Inconsistencies such as air bubbles and minor discoloration are what we at The Shed Pasifika consider as part of what makes each product unique.

Material: Epoxy resin, glitter, sticker
Color: Purple
Print: Midnight Haze

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