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Add the timeless feel to your sesh. Try something sleek and injected with knowledge. Like the living OG’s, our own OG’s Educational Ashtrays hold some important knowledge and can easily amp up its surroundings without being an eye-sore. Built with Epoxy resin the OG Ashtrays are long lasting and durable. A light to dark sliver Ombre gives this piece a minimal look. the touch of sparkle adds glamour allowing your OG ashtray to catch the eyes where ever you may put it.

Light, durable and can be taken anywhere with you. The OG educational ashtrays are exceptionally timeless.

*PLEASE NOTE*: Each tray is hand poured, sanded and polished. While consistency is a top priority, there is only one tray identical to each product photo and should be used only as a reference for each design. Inconsistencies such as air bubbles and minor discoloration are what we at The Shed Pasifika consider as part of what makes each product unique.

Material: Epoxy Resin, glitter, stickers
Color: Silver, dark silver
Print: Educational info

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