We are just two entrepreneurs in our mid 20’s that share a passion for Cannabis. We operate and live in Queensland, Australia where we decided to pursue our Canna-careers. Studying Cannabis in our free time inspired us to share what we learn with others in the easiest ways possible! Get to know a bit more about us personally in the images below.

The Smoke & Herbal Education Destination for all of your Cannabis awareness. We are here to share some of the most insightful information on the health, social and economical benefits of Marijuana.

The Shed is built by the beliefs of some of the greatest Cannabis (and general) icons of all time, and is proud to share them with a like-minded audience. Here, you’ll find out all about how smoking, applying or eating Weed is actually good for your body, mind and soul.

Sustainability is also a huge passion for The Shed. As much as we love to separate the “drug” stigma that is attached to Cannabis, we also love to highlight it’s all natural and organic structure. Everything that can be made from plastic or glass, can be made from a Cannabis variety.

Values at The Shed are derived from a giant passion and love for Cannabis in all of its forms. Everything that The Shed produces, from content to products, comes from pure admiration of that good Ganja.

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