There’s something about the smell of Cannabis that just soothes the mind and body. Whether it’s the fresh outdoor Pine scent or that skunky blast; your likely to make out great quality bud from not so great quality bud just front taking a whiff. 

So what responsible for these scents? 

Terpenes are what your smelling. By understanding what Terpenes are, and how they contribute to the wonderful goodness Cannabis is, you’re likely to have a better appreciation for the Marijuana plant.  

Confined deep in the same glands the produce Cannabinoids like THC and CBD; Terpenes are special fragrant oils that give Cannabis its variety and distinctive smells and flavors like; Citrus, Pine, Mint, and Berry.

Interesting hey! 

Unlike, other strong smelling plants and flowers, which also have their own Terpenes; Cannabis Terpenes were developed for adaptive purposes. To Repel Insects and herbivores – a neutral pesticides- and to Lure Pollinators and predators and parasites of herbivore. 

Certain factors affect a plants development of Terpenes. These can include: Climate, weather, age and maturation of plant, fertiliser, soil type and even time of day. 

More the 100 different types of Terpenes have been discovered in the Cannabis plant. 

More then A 100 types! It’s a whole other universe!

Every Cannabis strain has its own unique Terpene type and make-up (Like DNA). This means strains like cheese and it’s descendants will have cheese like scent and so on. 

Terpenes also play a key role in the effects of different Cannabis strains. Terpenes like Myrcene promote relaxation and stress relief while others such as Terpinolene is found in more up lifting active strains. However; more studies need to be concluded to further understand how and to what extant. 

When Terpenes come together or are combined with other compounds in the Cannabis plant, such as Cannabinoids; the combination creates a specific effect unique to each strain along with creating certain medical benefits. 

This is know as the “Entourage effect”.  

Furthermore, when Terpenes are removed from the plant, users my not receive the complete benefits that you would normally receive when the flower is smoked or vaped.

And now you know a little bit more about your bud!

The future of these two compounds (Terpenes and Cannabinoids) could potentially unlock the door to new terrains within the Cannabis industry. 

Next time you enjoy Cannabis, notice the smell of your bud. Take time to appreciate it. 

We encourage our readers to do your own further research because learning Cannabis is Fun. 

Peace and love. 

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  • Terpene TLV
    Posted February 11, 2020 at 4:03 pm 0Likes

    Terpenes work synergistically with cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system to “fine tune the body”. Terpenes are found throughout nature and have many commercial and medicinal implications.

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