Although this stuff might look like something you’d use for Art and Craft or string you’d use to make a Necklace with in school; Hemp Wick can definitely be smoked.
This stuff is 100% natural with no added nasties. And the best part is, it comes from the same plant. Hemp and Cannabis are pretty much “cousins”. Hemp Wick is worth having and it definitely adds another experience to the sesh!

What is Hemp Wick ?

That’s easy, Hemp Wick is string made out of pure Hemp twine, and coated in beeswax.

So, why use it?

Well in theory, when you use a Gas Lighter to burn your herb, hot butane is released. Inhaling hot butane isn’t great for the human body and is far more damaging for our health, then just a flame on some Hemp twine coated in beeswax. Hemp is pretty much Cannabis – a sub spices (Cannabis Sativa). So your pretty much smoking what’s in your bowl. It’s honestly a full circle Canna-experience, but there’s more to it.

Hemp Wick is a lot cheaper then a Gas lighter, it doesn’t end up in landfills and most importantly it burns your bud at a lower temperature.
Now why that’s import is based on two facts. 1. Burning your herb at a lower temperature allows you to receive all the active ingredient and benefits from your Cannabis. For the Canna connoisseurs this low temperature burning let’s you indulge deep in the flavors of your herb. 2. More bang for your buck! Burning your bud at a lower temperature will not only give you a smoother pull but get you smashed as well.

Hemp wick in Australia.
Hemp wick is legal in Australia and is sold both in large and small quantities in shop fronts and in malls around the country.


It doesn’t take much to use Hemp Wick. Just a bit of hand eye coordination and you’ll be ‘Ripping’ the full reward from you herb. If you’ve never experienced the actual taste of your Marijuana, try using some Hemp Wick. This simple product has way more benefit for the everyday stoner.

We encourage readers to they’re own independent research and decided what works best for you.

Peace and love.

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