CBD is as old as Cannabis itself! 

How? Because CBD is found in Cannabis. 

Just like THC (what gets you high), CBD or Cannabidol is another Cannabinoid found in Marijuana. However, CBD cannot get you high or give you the psychedelic effects it’s popular cousin THC may. CBD tends to have a claiming effect on the user, relaxing and easing many who tend to suffer from Anxiety, Stress, Depression and even PTSD. It’s benefits and treatments don’t stop here though. 

This among many other medical reasons is why CBD is creating waves throughout the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Cannabidiol is still being researched today, as scientist try to unlock the many hidden doors to this miracle compound.

The earliest recorded use of CBD dates back to 2727 BC, in ancient China. Cannabidiol obviously wasn’t known during that era. However, it was the Marijuana or Hemp plant as a whole. The leafs from the plant was infused with tea and given to those who need treatment. This concussion was most likely used to treat Migraines and Headaches among other alignments. 

Around the mid 1800’s the therapeutic properties of marijuana gained the attention of Sir William Brooke O’Shaughnessy, while he researched the medical properties of indigenous plants including opium and Cannabis in Calcutta, India. 

O’Shaughnessy learned more about the therapeutic effects though his interactions with the indigenous people. Marijuana or Indian hemp as it was know as during that time, amongst many other plants were used for both recreational and medical purposes throughout the region for thousands and thousands of years. 

O’Shaughnessy realised that there was not much research covering the therapeutic effects of Cannabis. Study during that century was very minimal; only detailing the intoxicating and psychedelic effects that were brought about when marijuana was consumed. 

If not for Sir William O’shaughnessy’s work on the therapeutic effects of Cannabis during the early 1800’s, the full understanding of this amazing plant would have never reached the western world. 

Around that time there was a high demand for new medication from the western world, as it grew so did its needs. Hemp or Indian Hemp as it is described was put forward as an alternative for the pharmaceutical medication that was in short supply during the time. More notably as an anaesthetic and a pain reliever. 

From the 1940 and throughout the 1950’s Cannabis was used solely for medical purpose, mainly because of CBD. During the early 1940’s Cannabidiol was discovered and isolated by researchers at the University of Utah in the USA.  However, the Cannabinoid wasn’t fully understood. Although researchers did know that CBD played a massive role in treating Epilepsy; it wasn’t seen as an appropriate alternative at the time. 

During the 1970’s, after the “War on drugs” and the passage of “The Controlled Substance Act” Cannabis had a stain against its name. 

The Act placed Cannabis in a category know as a “Schedular 1 Narcotic”. This placed Marijuana in a group of drugs that were labeled as substances with little to no medical benefit. Also in this category are drugs like Heroin, Meth and LSD.

The propaganda, negative stigma and false law making against Cannabis, that was pushed so heavily during the 1960’s, caused a lot of society to disconnect them selfs from this truely amazing plant. This pushed all the early medical and therapeutical Cannabis research to the back seat. 

Then, things started to slow down from then on. It took about ten years for Cannabis to be brought back into the light. This time for its pain relieving qualities that didn’t come with the intoxicating effects. 

Then the Canna bud was rolling again .During the late 1990’s a British pharmaceutical group began medical trails using CBD on human’s to try and  better understand how Cannabidiol effected human-beings. 

Around the same time an Israeli scientist discovered how to isolate more then one cannabinoid like THC and CBD from the plant as a whole. This was a huge step forward regarding Cannabis research and paved the way for many other additional research. Professor Raphael Mechoulam was awarded for his research that brought to light the medical benefits of CBD within the United States and abroad. 

Through these studies, more benefits of CBD came to light. Patients who used CBD to treat specific alignments reported dramatic changes, such as lowered pain levels, fewer seizures in epileptic patients and reduced levels of anxiety from those who suffer from it. 

A survey conducted by SingleCare – a pharmacy discount card company- has revealed just how effective CBD use is in the United States. 

The findings that were released show that 33% percent of Americans have used CBD. 64% of current users use the cannabinoid to treat pain and inflammation. However, many American‘s still have they’re misconceptions on CBD. People in the States are still unsure about the Cannabinoid, fearing that if they use it, they might feel the psychedelic effects. Few even believe that this miracle supplement is just all hype and that it won’t work, or they just don’t trust the product or the manufactures. 

These surveys conducted clearly depict that Cannabis education is still very diluted in certain societies. A lot of people still revert to what they where taught as children, especially those who grow up during the Cannabis prohibition era.

Australia is still in its infante stages regarding medical Cannabis. In 2016 a legislation was passed to decriminalise the use and sale of marijuana for medical purposes. In Australia Cannabidiol is a schedule 4 narcotic therefore, only accessible with a prescription. 

Currently there are two methods to access medical cannabis oil (CBD oil) in Australia. 

The first one is through the Government; this means you have to go through a GP (General practitioner), who may then give you a prescription for medical cannabis, or either through a specialist clinics who help Australians with obtaining legal prescriptions or through an Extemporaneous Compounding pharmaceutical company- basically they’re whole sale pharma companies who sell to GP’s and clinics. 

The second method is via the internet by visiting online sellers and brands. A prescription isn’t required for this method. Although patients still require a prescription to legally obtain CBD oil in Australia. Australian’s prefer to take that risk. Although there are pros and cons to using either method, the decision lays on you! (The user) and what you’d prefer to do.

 Spend more cash or buy average quality oil for half the price the government may charge.

Acquiring medical cannabis flower or oil isn’t straight forward in Australia. It might sound like a few simple steps but there is a hell of alot of forms and application that need to be completed even before a prescription can be handed out. There are a number of medical cannabis clinics in Australia, however the cost for a consultation, application fees and checkup cost all add up in the end. It’s not that difficult to see why many Aussie’s refuse to go through the government. 

Recently the Australian capital state legalised cannabis for adult use however limiting user to only smoking or consuming what they are allowed to grow at home. At the minute, the sale of Cannabis flower and medium to large scale hydro growing is still illegal in the state. 

Moreover, the Australian government are reported to be considering putting into place new regulation to make CBD available over the counter in small dosages. If things do go ahead, this would make CBD a schedule 3 narcotic meaning that no prescription is required, however special conditions will apply. 

A positive move if it does go ahead. Making it more convenient for patients to get ahold of their medication. However, CBD is still on the controlled drugs schedule and still listed as a narcotic. CBD or marijuana never should have been placed on these lists in the beginning. These are clear indicators showing us how governments like to have control over everything.

Still a long way to go with full Cannabis legalisation, even when we do hit legalisation there’s no clear sign that regulation and laws will enable society to make amends of this booming industry. We can only hope so.

Remember to do your own research on everything cannabis, keep yourself educated.

Peace and Love. 

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