You might notice it or you might not. Possibly a sight quite a few may be a costumed too. But it’s no lie we’re all guilty at some stage. Dirty Bong water or a Dirty Bong have nothing great about them. Keep on top of it and keep them fresh.

There’s no better turn off then when your about to sesh with mates and the main apparatus looks like a bombs gone off in it. As cannabis burns, residue (ash, burnt off weed, ressy) piles up in the bong water and in the walls around the bubbler creating an unpleasant smell. More pressing however; is the fact that if constantly ignored Mold will start to form within your bong.

We’re taking severely dirty bongs with dark gunk smothered all on the inside and water that’s just as dark as the mid-night sky.

Now I don’t know if any of you fancy the taste of mold, but I DON’T!

Every time you spark up and inhale the smoke, you also breathe in MOLD. These microscopic Mold fibbers travel down through your throat and into your lungs causing side effects such as; a burning or a sandpaper like sensation when inhaling smoke, shortness of breath or difficulties breathing and harsh and irritating coughs.

This can cause major implications to your health in the long run if actions aren’t take sooner.

With all the smell from the Dirty Bong and water comes with it, its very own taste as well.

Now I’m not talking about drinking it! You should NEVER do that.

Appreciating Cannabis is about truly exploring and experiencing everything your weed has to offer.

I’m speaking about it’s physical looks through to it’s medical benefits.

An important aspect to why Cannabis lovers indulge with the many Marijuana strains the Canna-world offers is because of the many different “Smells and Tastes”or simply know as Cannabis Terpenes.

Dirty Bong water can mask those taste! Making it more difficult to appreciate your Bud.

With all the unpleasant smells from the bong water and the funky taste you may get when you toke, a stained coated bong and a frequently clogged down stem top it all off. The longer that residue stays stuck up against the inner walls of you Bong, the more difficult it will be when trying to removing it. Now that can depend on How, What and When you decide to do some “Bong Maintenance.”

There are countless techniques and tricks that you can use to treat your bong and make it look nice and flash again. More often then not the Pipe (down stem on the bong) can become constantly clogged due to the water being restricted from flowing around.

Large pieces of residue pile at the bottom and when cooled they stick on too any surface like glue. If you don’t realize the down stems being clogged, you’ll be inhaling less Cannabis, straining your lungs with deeper, harder inhales and more importantly you’ll be wasting your material.

If you ever find yourself in a dirty situation, where all you’ve got too use for the sesh is a dirty bong.

Fear not! There are ways to get around this.

Just be as polite as you can, if your using a mates glassy (Bong). Kindly offer to replace the water inside before you start your “Sesh-ion”. Keeping in mind some people may take offence when speaking about they’re piece. Always remember to kindly offer, make light work of it, no need to make a big deal; a helping hand in any way towards to sesh is always welcomed.

Dirty Bong water; if it needs to be replaced, do it. It can be done as often as you feel; everyday, or ones a week or maybe even a fortnight – more often then not it will depend on how much your bong is used. Keeping your Bong in mint condition is ideal for preventing Mold build up and funky smells and taste. So all in all, clean Bong water means a better sesh!

Here are a couple cleaner options your more likely to have in a store front near you or that can be easily purchased online;
⁃ Rrandy’s Black Label Glass cleaner
⁃ PouRite Glass cleaner

If your not willing on splashing the cash, another option would be to use Mentholated spirt and Rock Salt.

Let us know if you have any cool cleaning trick or tips. We’d love to know. Share the love.

As always we encourage our readers to do your own research.

Peace and Love.

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