Cannabis has been “legal” for as long as time it-self. That was up until the late 1920’s when government leaders around the world, came together and decided that this plant should no longer be legal nor, easily accessible to the public. Ever since, Marijuana has been prohibited for recreational and medical use in many countries around the world. All this took a turn in the 1940’s, where early technological inventions allowed scientist a rare glance into the new and unknown microscopic world of Cannabis. 

Marijuana research has grown so much since the early days. New technology has made it ever so easier for researches to dwell into the depths and reveille the many amazing truths about this amazing plant. Changes in laws and removing and easing of government restrictions in certain countries around the world ( like Australia ) has played a big role in enabling Cannabis study’s and research to further advance. 

Cannabis has the ability to medically aid and heal so many people. Despite all the research and findings proving Marijuana can be a more positive, healthier and natural option to Opioids and other toxic medication; governments on both a state and federal levels continue to overlook or prolong the legalization of Marijuana for God knows what reasons. My guess is Personal gain? A bit of money on the back pocket.

Marinol or Marijuana? 

One of these forms of Cannabis is made in a lab and the other grows naturally in the environment. 

Our governments would rather heal you and I with synthetic treatments and medications rather then with something that comes whole and naturally from the earth and is packed with so many medical benefits waiting to be unlocked. This is what society is accustomed too, its been happening for at least 100 years.

Marinol contains “Dro-nab-inol”. It is similar to THC, only this is a synthetic version of the chemical compound created in a laboratory. This synthetic form of THC has been FDA approved for medical use since 1992 and is classed as a scheduled III narcotic. Marinol is currently prescribed to patients who seek aid from nausea associated with chemotherapy and anorexia as a side effect from AIDS. 

Nausea and anorexia are among ailments Marijuana is profound to bringing patients relief too. Cannabis is still “not” recognized as a substance with any medical value keeping it classed as a schedule I illegal substance on a federal level in the USA and a illegal substance in Australia. Only recognizing Marijuana as “dangerous”, “addictive” and of “no medical value”. 

This is a large obstacle denying more research and testing to be undertaken. Furthermore, due to the lack of information and experiments conducted on human-beings the FDA or any other government agency argue that the lack of information on Cannabis is one main reasons why Marijuana isn’t accepted for medical nor recreational use in many states and countries world wide. Not to mention the “War on drugs (Cannabis)” campaigns in the 1960’s really didn’t do much for medical nor recreational use of cannabis. The negative stigma and mis-informing the public definitely pushed Cannabis as a whole on the back-burners.

More recently however, the United States house of Congress will be voting on a Bill to decriminalize Marijuana on a Federal level. It is known as The Marijuana opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act.

Marinol and Dronabinol only contain one synthetic Cannabinoid, which is “a synthetic THC-Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinoid”. Unlike the cannabis plant which contains over a 100 different Cannabinoids and Terpenes, which all have they’re own unique medical benefits and effects, either as individual compounds or as a combination of two or more.

This is know as the “Entourage effect”; when Cannabinoids and Terpenes work together in synergy with one and other, affecting the outcome. Effects (both physically and mentally) and medical benefits will be different too consuming just a the single compound. For instance THC on its own will have different effects to when THC and CBD ( Cannabinol ) are combined.

A single dosage of Marinol can take up to 30 minutes to an hour too start working, with peak effect around 2- 4 hours later. On the contrast, Marijuana when vaped, smoked or ingested sublingually can be felt immediately. Although the time taken for the effects to be felt do depend on certain variables such as; Dosage, individual person biology, quality of Cannabis and of course consumption method. Not forgetting the number of active ingredients in the cannabis also affects how and when the users feels these effects.

Studies show that vaping Marijuana is a lot more effective with relieving pain, notably nerve related pain. Unlike Marinol or Dronabinol which are taken orally, often takes a lot longer for relief to kick-in.

Can the Entourage effect be to blame?…

Studies conducted between Marinol and Medical marijuana to find which was more effective on certain medical alignments showed Cannabis too be far more effective then Marinol in aiding: epilepsy, M.S, Crohn’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and chronic pain. 

 However, Marijuana and Marinol both work effectively well with appetite loss and nausea relief. 

Once more, it comes down to what suits you best, the patient. if you live in a legal state or country it wouldn’t hurt to try them both and see how either on works better on your body.

However, you now know the difference between Marinol and Marijuana. What would you choose?

Peace and Love.

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