Over the years, Cannabis culture has created many divided opinions over buds that are grown “bush” (in soil) or “hydro” (no soil). There have been a lot of reasons why people choose to favour one over the other. This article is going to be discussing the certain stereotypes of growing Cannabis and the effects they should have on the user. Firstly let’s break down what each of these mean.

Bush grown Cannabis can be interpreted in many different ways. Cannabis culture has suggested that “bush” weed can mean Cannabis that was grown outdoors, Cannabis that was literally grown amongst bushes (in the Forrest or farm land) or lower quality Cannabis. The kind of bush buds that the Cannabis community refer to can usually be identified by its long, leafy buds.

While these stereotypical meanings are justifiable, the term bush actually refers to how the plant grows. If somebody says “This is bush”, they should really be saying “This Cannabis was grown in soil”. Bush represents the nature of growing Cannabis without any chemical or artificial additives. This means that the Cannabis plant gets all of its nutrients from nature… the bush… the earth.

On the other end of the scale is “hydro” or hydroponics. Unfortunately, hydroponic Cannabis can receive an equally unflattering wrap to bush Cannabis. Some users may take hydro to mean Cannabis that was chemically grown, Cannabis that is unnatural or indoor grown. Some people might even go so far as to say that hydro is the one that makes you go crazy.

The reality is, hydroponics is an extremely popular grow method because it replaces soil with a specific combination of nutrients prepared by the grower (combinations do vary). Instead of soil, the Cannabis plants sit in a rock bed or small individual pallet. There are various hydroponics setups and some can be arranged to automatically feed the plants and clean itself. 

Both bush and hydro refer to the way that the Cannabis is grown. Neither of these labels suggest that the Cannabis will turn out to be effective or ineffective.

The correct attention, care, food and environment is all Cannabis needs to flourish. There have been many variations of growing in soil or hydroponically. However, neither grow method is superior.

This is because of the nature of Cannabis itself and the influence of its grower. Cannabis is called weed because of its growing ability. Cannabis can (and in most cases, will) grow in any kind of medium – even in your rubbish. So it is not, therefor, the medium that determines how your Cannabis will grow but rather the nutrients it obtains from that medium. Many growers would also encourage new growers to experiment and find methods or techniques that work best for them. This will mean that the grower can go in depth about a grow method they take interest in and produce quality Cannabis that way.

Like most professions in the Cannabis industry, growing and cultivating stresses the importance of creating a bond with your plants as you tend to them. This significantly improves the quality of its life and happier plants will always produce better buds.

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Peace and love.

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