Plant growth regulators or PGR’s are a BIG NO, NO when it comes to Cannabis. And in Australia, the slang term PGR usually refers to the quality of your stash e.g. “I don’t smoke PGR” is something you might hear from more seasoned users.

How to spot the difference between your high quality strains and the not so quality “cabbage” that your dealer might be pushing is a skill that most stoners pick up easily. Because once you’ve had top notch buds… it’s difficult to smoke anything else.

Are your buds rock hard? Covered in ugly brown hairs? With not much smell or taste (or none at all)? If you can answer yes to any or all of those questions, we’ve got some bad news for you… 

PGR’s are typically used to increase the density and weight of the bud. This is very profitable to those who grow and sell Cannabis. The chemicals present in PGR’s are also bad for health, especially when inhaled AND used long term.

A common growth regulator used in Australia goes by the name of Paclobutrazol or PBZ. Effective because it attaches itself to enzymes which are crucial to the Cannabis growth process. 

Paclobutrazol effects the plants ability to produce THC, the main compound of Cannabis that gets you HIGH. It also effects other components of the bud like terpenes, stripping Cannabis of its distinct aroma or flavor… and cell structure, causing the buds to be denser, tighter and less susceptible to proper nutrition.

With all of this in mind, it’s safe to say that PGR buds will provide you with a weaker high.

When sparking up buds treated with PBZ or any plant growth regulator, the chemicals are broken down creating carcinogenic compounds, similar to those found when lighting a cigarette. This has profound effects on your health including liver function and even sperm count…

Remember when trying to spot PGR, look out for rock hard buds covered in brown hairs with a lack of visible trichomes (crystals). Often the bud will feel very spongy-because the density effects the drying process.

If you’ve had both quality and PGR Cannabis, you would be able to tell the difference. And not just in its appearance, but also the high you receive. PGR is infamous for its consistent poor performance. If one or two hits can’t get you on a level… it ain’t quality.

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Peace and Love.

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